About Khatchig

Khatchig is an artist who touches the hearts and excites the souls of audiences. He’s not just a singer and musician, but a performer reaching out to each and everyone who listens to his music, sharing with them his passion and love for what he does.

Khatchig was born on January 16, 1973, in San Francisco, California. Music was a big part of his life from a very young age. Even though he was born and raised in the United States, Khatchig had a fondness and obsession for Armenian and Middle Eastern music. His boyhood influences included popular Armenian singers, Adiss Harmandian and Harout Pamboukjian, and Armenian folk musicians, Richard Hagopian and John Berberian.

After high school, Khatchig moved to Fresno, California and attended California State University, Fresno(CSU-Fresno). There he met with musician Jim Karagozian. The two began working together, performing at various events throughout California. Their band, Mirage, including members Eddie Karagozian and Michel Awad, recorded and released two albums of Armenian and Belly Dance music, Yarus and Visions.

Khatchig graduated from CSU Fresno and moved to Glendale, Arizona, where he attended Thunderbird School of Global Management. He graduated with his MBA in 1997, but not before leaving his mark on the school by creating an international music concert-series: The Global Sounds of Thunderbird. Performers included students from around the world showcasing their talents. Khatchig not only produced the concerts, but performed in them as well. In addition, he recorded and produced three accompanying CDs: The Global Sounds of Thunderbird, Cultures in Motion, and Global Sounds: LIVE.

In 2004, Khatchig recorded and released his first solo album, Beginnings, a compilation of popular Armenian folk songs. The album blends the songs and styles that influenced Khatchig’s childhood and was a hit with his fans.

After attending the famous “July 4 Kef Weekend” in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Khatchig met musician Mal Barsamian. Together, the two friends performed together at various events around the country and more recently, in 2009, released an album, Armenian Melodies, with musician Jim Karagozian. The album is a tribute to the musical style of Western Armenia and was recorded using traditional, acoustic Armenian and Middle Eastern instruments. The CD offers a selection of folk songs that reflect the music of the Armenian immigrants that came to the United States in the early 1900s – something very dear to Khatchig’s heart.

Khatchig continues to follow his passion performing at various festivals, weddings, and cultural events around the country. Aside from being a singer, Khatchig also plays keyboards and percussion and has collaborated with numerous musicians from around the world.

Khatchig is available for:

– Cultural events and festivals
– Weddings and other private parties
– Concerts
– Dance parties, and other special events

A versatile performer, Khatchig can provide musical entertainment in all genres of Armenian music including: popular folk, modedrn folk (RABIZ), Western Armenian (Kef), traditional (kousanagan/ashoughagan), and patriotic songs (askayin/heghapoghagan).

In addition, Khatchig works with a host of talented and professional musicians specializing in both modern and traditional instruments. Rest assured that he will tailor the music to fit your audience and ensure an outstanding event.



Yar Tou Noush Es // Khatchig - Beginnings
  1. Yar Tou Noush Es // Khatchig - Beginnings
  2. Ara Vai Vai // Khatchig - Beginnings
  3. Zepuri Neman // Khatchig - Beginnings
  4. Hayde Kale // Khatchig - Beginnings
  5. Anoush Yar // Khatchig - Beginnings
  6. Hele Hele Ninoyeh // Khatchig - Beginnings
  7. Bardezoum // Khatchig - Beginnings